Strategic Incite offers a full-line of marketing services that extend from product conception and development through the lifecycle of the product. With experience in both emerging and established technology, Strategic Incite specializes in high-tech companies and products.

Our extensive line of strategic marketing services include:


Research, Planning and Budget Development

Planning is key. We'll handle all activities necessary to develop an effective strategic marketing plan that takes full advantage of the allocated budget. The detailed plan includes all activities required to successfully implement the promote the product(s) and company.

Logos/Brand Identity

This is where it all starts. We'll work closely with you to develop a logo that uniquely captures your company and establish a brand that differentiates you from your competition.

Public Relations

Build credibility, create awareness and educate your audience. Let us take care of all your public relations needs, including development of a targeted media list; development and distribution of press kits, press releases and technical articles; and liaising with the media.

Sales Tools

From conception through design and printing, we'll develop high-quality marketing material to meet your specific needs. Let us create your brochures, case studies, data/spec sheets, presentation material, sales guides and kits, newsletters, and more.

Advertising and Direct Mail/Email

Get the word out with creative targeted print and banner advertising, direct mail/email campaigns for which we can handle all the necessary activities, from developming materials through distribution.


Whether you're exhibiting at a trade show, or planning a corporate event, we can take care of your event needs...from planning to execution.


You can't miss with eye-catching packaging, and expertly written user guides,